Eligibility for Platinum Temporary Resident Playing Membership requires the applicant to be a short term temporary resident of Sydney arising from relocation to Sydney for business or personal reasons. The duration of membership in this category is limited to three (3) years and is subject to annual review.


Platinum Temporary Resident Playing members have rights at all times to the facilities in the Club House and their rights to the facilities on the golf course are as follows:

  • 7 Day access to the golf course subject to course availability and competition programme.
  • Unlimited access to the practice facilities including driving range, practice chipping green and separate putting green.

Platinum Temporary Resident 

Temporary Residents may transfer to the Platinum category after three (3) years on payment of the prescribed Entrance Fee. At the time of transfer a reduction in the Entrance Fee may apply at the discretion of the Board.
There are no voting rights associated with this category of membership.


Established 1899, Concord Golf Club has hosted a number of championship tournaments.

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