Visitor Information

Concord Golf Club is a members only facility, and as such, access to the private golf course is possible via one of the following options:

•  As the guest of a Concord member
•  As a participant in a golf day at Concord Golf Club
•  Entry in one of our Open Day events
•  As an International Visitor

Our 7-minute video explains the history of the club culminating in the
‘Doak Renaissance’ re-design:

Watch our Video

All golfers should have an understanding of good etiquette, watch this short video and learn:



Golf Lessons
While Concord Golf Club is an exclusive Members only golf club, we do offer many ways for non-members to engage as well as try our pristine facilities.

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As a private club, membership is by invitation.  

We welcome you to consider your personal and professional networks and reach out to those who are Concord Golf Club members to express interest. 

Playing at Concord

Concord has four courses – Black, White, Red and Silver

Click on the links to our Daily Handicap Look-Up charts for each course:

MEn – black         WOMEN – black

MEN – WHITE         WOMEN – white

MEN – red             WOMEN – red

MEN – SILVER        WOMEN – silver




Established 1899, Concord Golf Club has hosted a number of championship tournaments.

Majors Bay Road, Concord, NSW 2137
(02) 9743