Family Initiatives

Family members joining Concord in the applicable category have the benefit of receiving a 25% reduction to their Entrance Fees.
The Entrance Fee discount applies to but, at the discretion of the General Manager and Board of Directors is not limited to the following family members;

Partner, Spouse, Parent, Child, Siblings, Aunt/Uncle, Niece/Nephew, Cousin and In Law

Social Membership

A family member joining in the Social category shall receive a 50% reduction on the first years annual subscription.

Incentives for New Members

Upon acceptance of the offer of membership the new applicant can receive up to $600 credit toward the Clubhouse Trading account for upfront payment of the entire Entrance Fee applicable to the relevant category. 


Established 1899, Concord Golf Club has hosted a number of championship tournaments.

Majors Bay Road, Concord, NSW 2137
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