Lorien Scott

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Lorien has been a Member of the Australian PGA for 25 years. Lorien is a Level 1 TPI certified coach, dealing with the body and how that impacts the swing. Lorien has had vast experience in the world of coaching, including coaching at The USPGA Championship, The Open Championship and The US Open Championship. This has helped shape the coach he is, as he’s able to bring this experience and knowledge that he gained into his everyday coaching.

With a commitment to holistic approach to improvement, Lorien boasts state-of-the-art understanding of all aspects of the swing, short-game and course management to help boost all components of your game. Lorien also incorporates his club fitting experience and knowledge into the lessons to ensure that your equipment matches with your technique.

Lorien’s coaching philosophy is “to help golfers better understand their game so that they can find a clear path to improvement” and “help to eliminate unnecessary thoughts, pinpoint the issue, so you aren’t bogged down in confusion”.

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